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WFA Program

Our program is divided into 6 classes. The program of each of these classes is specifically designed for the age group it develops. The curriculum is customized to the children in each class. The age of the childern in each class is an approximate as children will generally spend the entire school year (August to May) in the same class. Class specific information is located in the enrollment packet.

Class Approximate Ages Teacher to Child Ratio
Boo 1 6 weeks - 16 months 1 to 3
Boo 2 12 months - 28 months 1 to 3
Dawson 18 - 28 months 1 to 4
Bailey 24 - 40 months 1 to 6
Koty 3 - 4 years 1 to 10
Campbell 4 - 5 years (pre kindergarten) 1 to 10
Glory Kindergarten - Fifth Grade 1 to 16

Enrollment Status

We offer full and part time options. Full Time is Monday-Friday. Part Time is 1-4 days per week. We do not offer half days. Part Time days are set and cannot be changed. Families who wish to add days should notify the director and she will inform them of the avalibility. Familes who wish to decrease their number of days or terminate their child's enrollment must give the center a minimum of a 4 week notice.

Moving Classrooms

Children are enrolled in a classroom based on thier age and their development meeting necessary benchmarks for the class. Once a child is placed in a class, they generally remain in that class for the duration of the school year. Families will be notified 4 weeks prior to their child changing classes. During that time, they will spend some time in their new class to assure a positive transition.