Mission Statement
Our Community
The WFA Community is comprised of the children who attend our center, their families, and those who teach and work at the center.  Each group is equally respected and equally responsible to our community.  We believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  That same village is also needed to support parents, families and educators.  

How Children Learn
Knowledge is not something that is transferred from teacher to child.  Each child is born with an innate curiosity which leads them to explore.  This exploration of objects, people, and their environment allows them to build their own understanding of the world.  Children need to utilize all of their senses in their investigations.  Stimulating each of these senses is necessary for the child to develop their brain and bodies to their fullest potential.

The Teacher
Your child will have excellent early childhood professionals in their class.  Though they are responsible for the class they are not the only source of support in a child’s growth.  The child’s environment and their peers are very influential in their development as well.   The role of the educator is to act as a facilitator of learning.  They plan activities (curriculum) which enable the child to grow in each area of their development and assist them during this process.  They plan the environment to provide the children with many choices of materials and activities.  Further, the educator acts as a mediator between the child and their peers.

The Role of Families
Family support is integral to our community and to each child’s learning.  Families are welcome to come to the center any time they would like.  We encourage all families to be an active part of their child’s class and our community.  There are many different ways families can choose to be involved and to volunteer.
Waverly Forest Academy is committed to providing the highest quality of care and education for young children.  We will accomplish this through on-going research, education, and professional development.
WFA is committed to supporting the families of these young children by providing continuous communication, various opportunities for involvement, and resources to assist them in their daily lives.

WFA is committed to the well-being and retention of our team members.  We will provide them with a healthy and professional work environment.  We will support them with compensation and benefits that exceed the industry standards.

WFA is committed to serving its community.  We are fortunate to do business in St. Charles County and will strive to be an active and contributing member of our community.

WFA is committed to the field of Early Childhood Education.  We will advocate for the needs of our profession and the families we serve.