Policies Tuition

Preschool Programs
Fee Description Amount
Enrollment Fee Due with a child's application $50
Annual Fee Due annually at the beginning of our school year. $50
Assessment Fee This fee covers the assessment program on Teaching Strategies On Line for preschoolers only. Due at enrollment and annually at the beginning of the academic school year. $50






Camp Glory
Fee Description Amount
Annual Fee Due annually at the beginning of our school year or time of enrollment. $50
Activity Fee Covers items, activities, and field trips for Camp Glory. $100






General Fees
Fee Description Amount
Breakfast Optional breakfast served at 7:30a.m. $2.50
Late Payment Fee Fee assessed to all accounts with a past due balance after Monday at 6p.m. $25
Returned Payment Fee Assessed to any account which has a payment returned to us for any reason. $25
Late Pick Up Fee Fine assessed for picking up your child after 6p.m. $1 per minute per child
Special Event Fees Special events not covered by weekly tuition. Field trips, graduation fee, team gifts, etc. Varies
Retail Fees Field trip T-Shirts required to attend field trips $15