Family Testimonials

"Why did we choose Waverly?

As our oldest daughter was approaching her 3rd birthday and attending an in home sitter, we started to think her developmental needs were beyond what she was involved in daily. She was the oldest child at the sitter and seemed to think she was "in charge" of everyone and everything.  We knew that a center would be more expensive, so we decided to keep our 1 year old son at the in home sitter.  Keep in mind our initial reason for researching a childcare center was to get her day to day interactions with children her own age. We toured 4 centers and noticed that there ARE differences. We had friends that attended Waverly and spoke highly, but we wanted to see for ourselves.

The decision was easy to join Waverly, and I began my 2 stop mornings. First to Waverly to get my oldest the interactions I wanted her to have, and the second to the in home sitter for my son.

Here is why we quickly became so thrilled with our decision to join the Waverly family;

The environment is quaint, sweet and clean.
The teachers are simply amazing and they ALL love the children.
Our child is learning, truly learning.  Her behavior, ability to deal with emotions and authority has grown exponentially.
The food is fresh and good. My kids eat everything at school and even suggest I cook more like Miss Dee!
She is making great friends her own age.

Eight months later when our son was approaching his second birthday we made the choice to start him at Waverly in the 2 year old room and eliminate my two stop mornings. Even though it IS more expensive, we believe the growth we have witnessed with both of our children is truly worth it!!  His vocabulary has blown through the roof and he is now potty trained (thanks to his teachers who initiated the process)!!

In closing, we have recently made the decision to send our 4 month old to the baby room at Waverly when my maternity leave ends.   We have decided that this is the best choice and investment for our children.   We know they will get the care, attention and development that is so crucial during these early years.

Three kids, one stop, amazing care for our kids.

Waverly has exceeded our expectations in every way."
Meagan:  Parent of a four year old, two year old and infant


"Our daughter started Waverly in 2011 and we could not be happier with our decision.  From the day we went on our tour up until now – the staff at Waverly has always been extremely warm and welcoming with any questions, comments or suggestions we may have.  Our daughter is in great hands while we are at work.  The educators have done an excellent job in working with our daughter and it’s fun to listen to her count to 30, or say her ABC’s or rattle off shapes." 
Erika:  Parent of a three year old


"To say my husband and I were nervous about sending our newborn son to a daycare is an understatement.  We visited multiple daycares in the area and left feeling very uneasy about having to leave our baby with any of them on a daily basis. This all changed when we found Waverly Forest.  We knew immediately that this place was the answer to our prayers.  The teachers and staff at Waverly are the best at what they do and truly care about each and every one of the kids that walk through the door.  Our son is about to move into the next age group’s room and it is bittersweet.  We will truly miss the amazing teachers that have taken care of our son Mikey like he was one of their own and we are so thankful for all they have taught him.  On the other hand, we are excited to get to know what Waverly has in store next for Mikey in the Dawson Room.  Our son gets excited every morning when we pull up to WFA and we consider it a privilege to be able to send our son here."   
Brigid:  Parent of a 1 year old


"Waverly Forest Academy is a warm and loving learning environment.  The staff knows our family by name and my children love attending.  The center is focused on every child, every day.  The children learn through a variety of learning styles and are assessed at their individual level.  The communication and opportunities for families to be involved are endless. It is a great feeling to not worry about the care my children are receiving when I can't be there.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about WFA!"
Stacey:  Parent of a two year old and four year old


"We love Waverly Forest Academy.  When we toured WFA for the first time, we had an instinct and knew it was the right fit for our family.  The best way I can think of to describe WFA is that they have that extra special touch to take things above and beyond our expectations.  Every detail:  curriculum, technology, parent-teacher conferences, classroom daily activities, outstanding prepared meals, parent involvement, and family activities and parties all show the signs of love and excellence that makes Waverly Forest Academy so special.  Beyond these details, the most important detail of all is that the WFA staff is incredible.  The teachers are so good with the children and love them like they are their own.  I have learned so much about early childhood development from each teacher at WFA.  We are thankful we found WFA, and that our daughter has had the privilege of development and growth at such a lovely place.  We look forward to enrolling our new infant next school year!" 
Holly:  Parent of a two year old


“We are so happy that our son has been able to spend the last three years at WFA.  The administration and staff are incredibly caring, vigilant and innovative in their approaches to early childhood education.  But more than this we are confident that our son is being cared for and treated as they would treat their own children. There is nothing that compares to the peace of mind you have as a parent when your child attends an amazing childcare center.”
Kasey Harlin and Beth Sailors:  Parents of a four year old