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Waverly Forest students will all participate in the below age appropriate enhancement programs. These programs allow our students to enhance their minds and body.


WFA’s yoga program is based on the teachings of Radiant Child Yoga. Radiant Child Yoga was developed by Shatka Khalsa, a pioneer in using yoga with young children.  This program has developed over the past 35 years and has won international acclaim.  Children learn to self sooth, find calm, and grow their bodies through fun and safe yoga poses and games.  WFA has two teachers who are officially certified through Radiant Child Yoga.  For more information on Radiant Child Yoga, visit their website at

Sign Language

WFA uses the Sign 2 Me program based on the award winning program, Sign To Your Baby, developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Joseph Garcia.  Introducing sign to infants and toddlers allows them to be able to express themselves and communicate with others well before they develop the fine motor skills required for verbal speech.  This lessens frustration in children and caregivers.  Preschoolers get a fun multimodality experience that has been scientifically proven to grow their spoken vocabulary.  For more information on this program, visit their website at


This program was created by Angela Nesslage and Renee Knobbe in 1998 and continues to develop.  Using songs and games, children are introduced to Spanish vocabulary and phrases.  
This method helps the children remember easily while having fun.  The following classes participate in this program:  Koty and Campbell.