Guiding Behavior

A child who has discipline is a child who is able to self govern.  WFA’s goal is to assist each child in this quest.  Children need to make their own choices and face the natural and logical consequences of these choices.  Through this process they will develop confidence, the concept of cause and effect, and empathy for others.  The center does not use “fear base” discipline techniques (isolation, corporal punishment, embarrassment, withholding items not related to the incident or time out).  Instead, teachers help the child understand their choices and their consequences.  This develops a child who will make good choices out of empathy and respect instead of making them based on the fear of getting caught and being punished.
WFA’s primary rules for children are to BE SAFE and BE KIND.

Conscious Discipline

WFA’s practice of discipline is based on Conscious Discipline.  Developed by Dr. Becky Bailey, Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program that empowers both the child and the teacher.  Based on current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices, the goal of the program is to provide systematic changes in the classroom by fostering emotional intelligence in teachers first, and children second.  Families are encouraged to learn more about Conscious Discipline at their website

Biting, Hitting, Pushing, and Kicking

Children may express themselves through physical behaviors towards others.  During certain periods of development, these behaviors are developmentally appropriate.  Teachers work with the children to develop skills to take the place of the less desired behavior.  If a child bites or harms another child or team member, the family will be notified via email and the incident documented in the Child’s Log.  Families will initial the log when they pick up their child.  The teachers will continue to work with the children and their families in their quest to build the skills necessary to decrease physical behavior.

Behavioral Issues

There are times when a child’s behavior inhibits the safety and development of other children.  To keep each child safe, the center may choose to send a child home.  The center will notify the families of the behavior and the decision to send them home.  Families will have one hour from the time of notification to pick up the child.

The teachers and administration are committed to meeting the developmental needs of the children we care for. However, the center may choose to terminate the enrollment of any child who has needs which cannot be met by our program.